6 Degrees
It's a small

The playwright, Frigyes Karinthy, was the first to bring forth the 6 degrees of separation theory which refers to the idea that everyone on this earth is approximately six or less steps away from an introduction to each other.


6 Degrees is a fusion of  UK’s finest emerging talent; short new plays with characters connected by the 6 Degrees of Separation theory. 





Once the writers are selected each writer shall write a loose synopsis for their idea and attend a workshop to meet with the creative tea, and the other writers to discuss their ideas.  In the workshop producer will decide which plays shall link directly to one another and the writers shall develop their ideas further. The writers shall then go away to develop three drafts of their script with support from the artistic team and return to another workshop to hear the third draft of the scripts and receive feedback to do final rewrites, the writers will then attend the casting for their play and the rehearsals.


Casting breakdowns shall be sent via our casting breakdown newsletter and shall appear on our website a day later. If you would like to be the first to know about the castings please join our actor database here

To be eligible you must be a professional actor and a member of Spotlight to apply ass we send Spotlight links of the cast to industry in the invitations.