What We Do

High-Rise Avenue is a production company led by Artistic Director, Sandra Thompson-Quartey.

High-Rise Avenue produces exciting new theatre shows written and directed by people of colour and adapts them for film and television.

Our shows use a blend of film and technology and cultivates the collaboration of exceptionally talented creatives and performers to tell original stories. The company has a keen interest in stories that spark conversations about our society, shine a light on injustices, and explore high-concept ideas.

Productions centre actors of colour in leading roles of both universal and cultural stories.

We are committed to increasing the visibility of talented creatives and performers from Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, and culturally diverse backgrounds.


Sandra Thompson-Quartey founded Writers Avenue Theatre Company in 2010 to discover, nurture and champion new writers and provide opportunities to showcase their talent.

The company became popular for The First 20 Minutes competition and the showcases, which took place at Soho Theatre and The Pleasance. The shows attracted leading casting directors, theatres, agents, organisations and broadcasters.  

The company has worked with many performers and creatives who have gone on to have very successful careers. 


The theatre company took a hiatus between 2017 until 2019 to restructure and relaunched in 2020 as High-Rise Avenue, to reflect the evolution of the company from a new writers development company into a production company. 

Writers Avenue is now the television and film leg of the company with a focus on high concept ideas.