High-Rise Avenue is a production has been set up to produce entertaining and thought-provoking new plays and shows in the UK, written or devised by ethnic minority writers and performers and adapt them for television and film.


We will enhance the representation of ethnically diverse creatives and performers across theatre, television and film in the UK by:

  • Producing new work that show an authentic and diverse representation of Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Ethnic Minority people and working with creatives and performers from these backgrounds to tell these diverse stories.

  •  Collaboration with television and film production companies and broadcasters to adapt and produce selected new plays, produced by High-Rise Avenue, for television and film . This will help us reach a wide audience who may not be able to attend our productions.  This will also raise the profiles and enhance the careers of talented ethnic creatives and performers in the UK.

  • Evaluating current practices of producing theatre venues, casting offices and production companies and working with them to introduce and include additional methods that will widen the amount of ethnic minority talent given opportunities and will broaden their search outside of their usual talent pools and shake up their usual methods of selection processes.

  • Collaborating with leading producing theatres, television and film production companies to deliver job access initiatives for ethnic minority writers, actors, directors and producers, with a contractual commitment attached to each initiative, to recruit from within these programmes and within a set time frame after the completion.


Innovation: Develop and implement initiatives to improve diversification within the theatre, television and film sectors.


Staff:  We want many voices in the room. Diversity leads to increased creativity, innovation, richer brainstorming and new perspectives and wider understanding of audiences and talent.

Creatives/Talent: We develop and implement new talent seeking practices within our organisation to ensure that genuine talent is not missed.

Respect:  We place value on respecting the artists and creatives

Ethnic Diversity:  To encourage multicultural staffing and casting. and castings, however any producercreatives and performers from ethnic minorities. There is an emphasis on multicultural casting with Black, Asian and ethnic minorities in the leading roles.


"There is a wealth of ethnically diverse UNTAPPED talent and I am keen to find them, support them, work with them and encourage leading venues and production companies to do the same" 

Sandra Thompson-Quartey


In 2010 the Artistic Director and founder, Sandra Thompson-Quartey, set up the company Writers Avenue, to discover, nurture and champion new writers and provide opportunities to test new work in a supportive environment.

The company has been known for providing opportunities for new writers through The First 20 Minutes competition and its unique multicultural writing events and showcases. In 2012 the company cultivated showcase opportunities for writers, directors and actors to be seen by the industry.

In 2020 the company will relaunch under the new name of High-Rise Avenue a company  that produces work for theatre and screen and implements initiatives that will provide work opportunities for actors, writes, directors and producers from under represented ethnic backgrounds.

High-Rise Avenue will produce entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking new plays written by Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Ethnic Minority writers from the UK and internationally and adapts them for television and film.  


Our Artistic Policy:

  • To produce shows by both emerging and established talented ethnically diverse writers and theatre makers.

  • To cast talented actors from African, Caribbean, Asian and Ethnic minority backgrounds in all leading roles of our productions.

  • To work exclusively with directors and producers from Black, Asian, Middle Eastern and Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

  • To produce work that explores multifaceted experiences of Black, Asian,Eastern and Ethnic Minority people with an equal balance of universal stories and identity specific stories.