Lift Off



Showcases, training and mentoring for culturally diverse writers, actors, directors and producers.

The showcases have attracted casting Directors such as; Carolyn McLeod, Anna McAuley, Sarah Hughes, Derek Barnes, Annie Rowe, Sonia Allam, agents such as; United Agents, Curtis Brown, Milburn Browning, Billboard Personal Management and The Richard Stone Partnership, production companies such as BBC, Lime Pictures, Team Angelica, Talawa Theatre Company, Triforce Creative Network.


Artists and creatives have gone on to have thriving careers including writer/actor Samson Kayo, actors Aaron Fontaine, Leonie Elliott, Jade Anouoka and Oliver Stark, director Simon Evans and Artistic Director of the Bush Lynette Lynton to name a few.

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6 Degrees

The playwright, Frigyes Karinthy, was the first to bring forth the 6 degrees of separation theory which refers to the idea that everyone on this earth are approximately six or less steps away from introduction to each other.

6 Degrees is a fusion of devised plays showcasing the UK's finest emerging talent.

Up to 32 artists will work together on 7 short plays. 


7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues wrapped up in new monologues


Temperance & Gluttony

  1. Chastity & Lust

  2. Kindness & Envy

  3. Patience & Wrath

  4. Diligence & Sloth

  5. Humility & Vanity

  6. Charity & Greed

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The Gossip

Short comedy plays based on the artists' true personal embarrassing, awkward, frustrating, shocking, funny, and crazy stories about the entertainment industry.

This is an opportunity for up to 24 artists and creatives to attend masterclasses and work towards a showcase of 4 short plays.


A celebration of writing talent through a fusion of exciting new monologues, short plays and scenes.