1. Plays must be contemporary (Anything from the 1970s onwards).

  2. We do not accept children's plays.

  3. We do not accept pantomimes.

  4. We do not accept adaptations.

  5. Plays must be at least 60-90 minutes.

  6. Scripts submitted by writers must have a title page which includes the writer's name, number and postal address.  Represented writers must include their literary agent's contact details.  

  7. The script must not have been performed beyond an R & D, rehearsed reading or extract.

  8. Scripts must be written in play format and must be page numbered and in 12 size font.

  9. We do not provide more than 50 words of feedback, detailed feedback can be paid for through our script service.

  10. If your script is submitted outside of the submission window it will not be read until the submission window opens.

  11. You must be the sole owner and creator of the script you are submitting. 

  12. You must have obtained all rights necessary to use any music or lyrics written in your script.

  13. We do not accept scripts that are already under option or under commission and you must have full and exclusive rights to the work you submit.

  14. You must be at least 18 years to submit a script.

  15.  You must be residing in the UK and have the right work work in the UK.