Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Heavenly Virtues
Seven Talented Writers

14 monologues are showcased with each character  representing one of the seven deadly sins or 7 heavenly virtues:

  1. Temperance & Gluttony

  2. Chastity & Lust

  3. Kindness & Envy

  4. Patience & Wrath

  5. Diligence & Sloth

  6. Humility & Vanity

  7. Charity & Greed


We will respond to applicants in by 1st September 2017​. 







To apply please fill in the application form below and send it to us with two monologues around 5 minutes in length, one with the theme of a deadly sin and one with the theme of the matching virtue info(at)




  • The showcase is part of Writers Avenue Network and writers must be between the ages 18-30 years  by 20th Dec 2017.

  • Please write 'Seven submission' and the title of your monologues in the email subject line.

  • Monologues should be 5 minutes long (4-6 minutes).

  • The character for each monologue must not be the same character and the monologues  and characters should not be connected to one another.

  • The characters should not be an angel or devil, they should be every day characters and there should be a journey in the monologue.

  • The characters can be talking to a specific person or addressing the audience.

  • We are not looking for lyrical or poetry monologues, abstract or period style language, it should be very contemporary and realistic.

  • Writers must submit two monologues in the same email and they should be separate documents, both should have a title page that includes the writer’s name, contact details, title of the script and the virtue or sin it is related to.

  • Scripts must be page numbered.

  • The Writers venue Network showcases,  is for writers, actors and directors aged 18-30 years therefore the characters should be within this age range.

  • Try to avoid obvious ideas, we like originality, however we are not after anything abstract.

  • Try to avoid writing the monologue as a sketch, we want each character to be rounded and believable. 

  • We are not looking for poems.

Download the application form

DIRECTORS: If you would like to direct for this event please email your CV and cover letter to info(at) with 'Director Application' in the subject line. You will be contacted by July for a directors' meeting if shortlisted.