1. Plays must be contemporary (Anything from the year  2000 onwards).

  2. We do not accept pantomimes or children's plays.

  3. Plays must be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 90 minutes

  4. Scripts must have a title page which includes the writer's (and also their agent's contact details if applicable) and a 30-50 word story outline of the play. 

  5. The script must not have been performed before in full to a paying audience for more than 3 consecutive nights in London.

  6. Scripts must be written in play format, be page numbered and in 12 size font.

  7. We aim to respond within 6 weeks. 

  8. You must send the Enquiry Form with the script, you are welcome to also send a marketing pack.

  9. Please put Show Proposal and the title of the play title in the subject line of the email.

  10. Submit by email only. Scripts and proposals posted will not be read or returned.

  11. Show proposals are welcome all year round.


By submitting a show proposal you accept the terms of the conditions detailed. 

  1. The script must be the writer's original material. Writers Avenue accepts no liability if producers ignore these rules and producers agree to fully indemnify Writers Avenue against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these rules. 

  2. You confirm the writer is the sole owner and creator of the script you are submitting and you have the right to produce it. 

  3. You confirm you have rights to the script including any music or lyrics used.

  4. The script must not have been performed before in full to a paying audience for more than 7 nights in London.

  5. You confirm the writer is 18 years or above

  6.  You confirm the writer is residing in the UK 

  7.  The script is written by a  Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic or Mixed Race writer.

  8. The protagonist can be cast from an ethnically diverse background.

  9. The director, if one is attached is female, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic or Mixed Race

  10. The producer(s) is Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic or  Mixed Race 

Submit A Show Proposal

Submit the enquiry form with the script and marketing pack if you have one to


Please put "Show Proposal" and the title of the script in the subject line.

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