We are looking for exciting scripts from emerging ethnic minority writers. We accept plays all year round from literary agents only.


Represented and unrepresented writers can submit scripts through The First 20 Minutes.





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Please scroll down and read the guidelines


  1. Plays must be contemporary (Anything from the 1950s onwards is ideal).

  2. We do not accept children plays or full-on musicals, however, we do accept plays that have songs in them.

  3. We do not accept pantomimes.

  4. We do not accept adaptations accept during festivals.

  5. Plays must be 60- 90 minutes.

  6. Scripts must have a title page which includes the writer's (and also their agent's contact details if applicable) and a 30-50 word story outline of the play. 

  7. The script must not have been performed before in full to a paying audience for more than 7 consecutive nights in London.

  8. Writers should also attach their writing CV if they have one in PDF or Word format (or a link to an online CV) or a biog detailing any writing training and experience.

  9. Scripts must be written in play format, be page numbered and in 12 size font.

  10. We do not provide feedback and we will only confirm receipt of the script if it is sent during the submission period. Scripts sent outside of the submission period, unless requested, will automatically be deleted.

  11. Scripts must be submitted with the application form.

  12. Put the play title in the subject line of the email. Submit by email only. Scripts posted will not be read or returned.

  13. Please submit during May-July 2019 only unless invited to do so otherwise.


  1. By submitting a script, you accept the terms of the conditions detailed. 

  2. Scripts must be the writer's original material. Writers Avenue accepts no liability if entrants ignore these rules and entrants agree to fully indemnify Writers Avenue against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these rules. 

  3. You confirm that you are the sole owner and creator of the script you are submitting. 

  4. You confirm have obtained all rights necessary to use any music or lyrics written in your script.

  5.  If the script is under option the producer must submit the script instead of the writer as a show proposal. Read here.

  6. You must be 18 years and above.

  7.  You must be residing in the UK and be able to travel to London.

  8. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide detailed feedback but we may provide brief notes.

  9. Scripts must be sent by email only, scripts sent by post will not be read or returned.

  10. You must fill in and submit the application form with your script.