The First 20 Minutes 



The First 20 Minutes provides Black, Asian and ethnic minority writers with the opportunity to develop and test their work.



1. Writers must submit the opening 20 pages of their script . 

2.  Up to  8 writers will be invited to an intense 4 days of workshops over 4 weeks, each will receive a table read of the opening twenty minutes of their script and will be invited to submit their script at the end of course.


3.  The scripts will be read by a panel of theatre venue representatives. 3 writers are selected to receive a development option with High-Rise Avenue and a partnering venue. Professional actors are hired to bring the opening twenty minutes of the plays to life on stage, with costume, props. sound, lighting and minimal set and without scripts.

4. The audience will provide anonymous written feedback on all three plays answering specific questions.

5. One writer will receive a production.


To be eligible applicants must identify as Black, Asian,  Mixed Race or ethnic minority. Writers must have had a play produced in a theatre seating no more than 80 people for at least 5 performances.


The play being submitted must have not been performed before beyond a rehearsed reading or extract.




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Applictions will open in 2020